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Using Hummus in Different Ways!

The last few months have been exciting and rewarding. My husband, Rakesh and two friends started working together to create a new, exciting, never before created “do it yourself” organic, preservative free hummus product. Having the experience of Crisp under their belt, they were excited to work on this new project together. And after many months of research, testing, and hard work, we finally launched hummustir in the beginning of August.

My contribution to hummustir was to develop recipes for our website. At first, it was a bit daunting to imagine that I could come up with 20 different recipes using hummus as one of the main ingredients. However, as I started working on building recipes I found that hummus is so versatile. It can be easily tweaked to be served as an appetizer or a main dish (I’ve not ventured into making dessert with it as yet), it can be styled elegantly to be served in a fancy party or made into a handy wrap to take it to a fun picnic, and it is also something that children and adults can both enjoy. I would like to share all those recipes I have worked on the last few months with you.

Here are a few pictures of what I have made so far. I would love to hear how and where you hummustir. Click on them to be taken to the recipe page.

Hummus with Corn salsa

Hummus avacado crostini

Hummus zucchini toasts

Hummus flatbreads

Mushroom hummus caps with porcini truffle oil

Eggplant rounds with hummus dollops

Warm asparagus with hummustir drizzle

Pressed hummustir panini

Stuffed peppers with hummus

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