A Different Perspective

I love New York City and every time I drive in I’m energized. It’s a city like no other; a melting pot of cultures, languages, music, food, art, and theatre. There is always something new to discover and that thrill spices up my day! Summer in NY is fantastic - the city is less crowded, it’s easier to get restaurant reservations, and it’s beautiful to eat and drink outdoors in gardens and rooftops. Even though I admire art, I hardly ever visit museums. With my kids being away, I took a day this week as an opportunity to explore the Whitney museum in the Meatpacking district. It’s a beautiful, newly constructed structure - modern and simplistic. I went with a friend who is studying to get a m

Home Made Granola

First of all apologies for the long break in posting. Summer is a busy time of the year with family and friends visiting us from all over the world. This was a big year for us - my oldest graduated from high school and is only a couple of months away from going away to college! We had grandparents, aunts, and cousins visiting us to celebrate this occasion. It is also the year we said our goodbyes to the Elementary school system as our youngest moved on to Middle School. Yes, on both occasions there were tears of joy and nostalgia as we looked back at old school pictures and heard teachers bidding their farewells to the new graduates. After the graduation ceremony, my family came back home an