Small Things Matter

Spice of this week: Basil Health Benefits: Read more here Water soluble flavonoids in basil help to protect the body on a cellular level by shielding the cell structure and chromosomes from radiation and oxidation. The volatile oils in basil act as an antibacterial and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Basil is also a good source of Vitamin A. Cooking tip: After washing the basil in cold water, dry them very well between paper towels. When cutting basil leaves, make sure the knife is sharp. Dull knives will bruise the leaves and they will darken very quickly. Add this herb to a dish towards the end of the cooking process - this helps them retain their color, flavor and aroma. Often it

Green Goddess Salad

Spice of this week: Mung Beans Health benefits: Mung beans are helpful in lowering “LDL”(or bad cholesterol) and high blood pressure, have antioxidants that have cancer fighting capabilities, and prevent or are helpful in curing Type 2 diabetes. In addition, mung beans are a great source of protein, iron, magnesium and fibre. Cooking tip: Soak overnight for improving digestion and shortening cooking time. Sprouting mung beans enhances their nutritional and medicinal benefits. Add a pinch of turmeric when boiling the mung beans to help retain the green color. Among my lady friends there is one person who stands out every year. This year was no exception. She emailed a bunch of friends a month