​ ​​ ​ ​Let’s Spice Up The Wrap With Chickpea Hummus!

I’ve been trying to learn how to meditate for a few minutes everyday for the last two weeks. As I tell myself to relax and let go of my thoughts, just for that tiny second, I think that I will totally see the white light. And then the next second my composure crumbles; I am bombarded with a million thoughts - did I make that doctor’s appointment?... what am I cooking for dinner?...I need to call the electrician...etc.etc.etc. Well, I guess the white light is not happening! But maybe this could be a good thing - I could grab a diary every time I meditate and write all the things I forgot to do. Yipee!! NOT REALLY!!...I don’t want to be thinking of work when I should be thinking of relaxing. I

Still Spicing It Up With Chickpeas...

The best thing about chickpeas is that they are so versatile. They can be cooked and eaten with vegetables as a main dish, relished in a salad, or ground into a paste to make hummus. I became fascinated with hummus when I lived in Israel. Being a local dish, we ate plenty of it along with a variety of fresh mediterranean salads. I remember once, we had traveled quite a distance to a popular hummus place that boasted to be the best in the area only to find out that they were sold out by early afternoon. Such is the power of hummus! Hummus textures can vary from one place to another. Some are smooth and velvety and others have a grainy texture but it’s all a matter of personal preference. My t

Spice Up Your Kid’s Lunch with Chickpeas

Spice of the week: Chickpeas Health Benefits: The high fibre content in chickpeas helps to support the digestive tract. They also contains some unique anti-oxidants that helps to regulate blood sugar levels and decrease cardiovascular risk. Cooking tip: Slow soak + slow cook + slow cooling = best chickpeas. Why is it important to soak your grains? Doesn’t every mom want their child to develop life-long healthy habits? Educating kids to eat right from the start, expand their culinary horizons, and have them enjoy what they eat is every mom’s goal. But the question is how can this fantasy come true? I believe that eating right in school is a natural extension to eating right at home. I am a mo