Let's cook with Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts are misunderstood-probably because most people don't know how to cook them properly. - Todd English Spice of this week: Brussel Sprouts Benefits: High in fiber, Vitamin C and K. Member of the cruciferous family, not only are Brussel Sprouts great for digestion, and lowering cholesterol, they provide excellent nutrient support to cancer prevention systems in our body. Cooking tip: After cutting them, let them sit for 5 min before cooking them to enhance their nutritional benefits. Steaming, baking or roasting them are great cooking methods to elevate their sweetness and nutty flavor. Avoid overcooking to prevent an unpleasant sulfuric smell. I just had a wonderful ski break wi

The Zen Salad

(From this week onwards, I will add a new short section on how you can spice your day/week with one of the ingredients I have in my recipe. It could be a spice, herb, vegetable, or fruit that I want to bring to the forefront to highlight its benefits. I hope this will be a welcome addition to my blog). Spice of this week: Purple Cabbage Benefits - Has a beautiful purple color that can enhance the appearance of any dish. High in Vitamin A, C, and K. Please click here to find more nutritional benefits. Cooking tip: When cooked, the cabbage turns blue in color. In order to avoid this add a few drops of vinegar into the cooking medium. As you all know, before coming to the U.S., I lived in Isra

Comforting Raclette Crepes

When winter comes life comes to a pause. Trees are tall and bear, as if taking a huge sigh of breath after carrying their leaves for the entire year. Their silent leafless barks reach up to the skies, breathing in the cold winter as they take a moment to surrender. The snow covers the grass and gives it time to rest and recover. The dry pine cones scattered on the ground whisper that one life cycle has ended and that soon a new one will begin. And I try to comfort myself; warm clothes, hot drinks, warm showers, a cozy fireplace, some nice red wine, and comfort food. Winter is about slowing down and enjoying intimate moments with your family. It’s about staying in and experimenting with food.