My snow day indulgence

As I was sitting in London Heathrow airport with several hours to spare, I could not help but think about my kids in New York enjoying a very snowy Sunday morning. I remember our last snow day sitting around the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, and just being lazy! I’m excited about treating my kids to a yummy snack to indulge in on our next cozy night in. I had eaten the mouthwatering samosa at a cousin’s house in India, where the cute little snacks had been a hit at her party. The samosas had rekindled an old memory where my grandmother had taught me how to make and fill them.. So, I decided to do a little experiment. As soon as I returned home, I made it a point to make them from scratc

All this hype about whole grains! it really healthy?

Haven’t most of us followed the same things our moms or grandmoms did in the kitchen? There have not been many times that I have questioned my mom’s cooking methods. I just saw and did the same. But on a recent trip to Vana, a wellness retreat in Dehradun, India, I met Sneha, a nutrition consultant who opened my eyes to something different than what my mom did. I was a little taken aback that even after cooking for so many years, I was unaware of the science behind a basic daily practice in my kitchen. The modern healthy diet suggests eating whole grains is the way to go. There have been countless recipes I have come across in gourmet magazines, websites and blogs that are based on whole gra

A little gratitude goes a long way!

The month of December started with me keeping a gratitude journal for three weeks. It was part of a homework assignment my professor gave to our consumer behavior class. While writing the journal she wanted us to observe any changes we might feel in our thoughts, emotions, and actions and if we felt any different before and after the assignment. While the assignment seemed easy, making a daily routine was so difficult. To sit down, take a few minutes to think about what happened that day and then jot it down did not come naturally to me. To be honest, sometimes it even felt forceful. On days when I accidentally skipped, my conscious told me to reflect back. Surprisingly what started of as a