THIS IS MY FIRST POST! Delicious Swiss Birchermüesli...Easy, Healthy and Tasty!

On warm summer mornings, I crave something cold and healthy. Enough with cereal and milk! It's so boring; so predictable! Even a cold fruit smoothie does not satisfy sometimes. So, I often end up treating the kids and myself to a delightful bowl of homemade Swiss müesli. It's silly how easy it is to make it and unbelievable how delectable it turns out. I don't remember when I first tasted müesli; probably a few years ago on our summer vacation at some destination in Europe. I immediately fell in love with it's texture, it's creaminess and most of all the small cute bowls and glasses they were served in. They looked so appetizing sitting on the breakfast buffet. About a year ago, I finally go

Fancy a lip smacking burger?

​ ​Come to think of it, as a family we never go to burger joints since most of them don’t offer vegetarian choices and some that do are just too greasy. I used to make a simple vegetable patty with potatoes as the main ingredient at home. However, what ended up happening was an overload of carbs with the the patty and the burger bread. I decided to switch to a healthier and tastier version and brought quinoa into the limelight. This balanced out the missing protein in the burger and decreased the potatoes needed in the recipe. I also started adding some flax meal to help bind the patties better. The patties are cooked on a heavy cast iron griddle with very little oil which helps me not feel